Creating very flexible
Web sites using Orchid

Orchid CMS application provides a very flexible and extensible way of building your website.

Beautiful & simple easy to use
admin panel

The platform that grows with you does not interfere and allows you to use your favorite technologies to easily create the necessary functions.

Easy Installation

Installing the package with a composer and step-by-step assistant makes the process simple and understandable


You can install your favorite packages or write your own set of functions that will follow you in your applications


You can use the panel in your native language or make applications with support for multiple language translations

Light Design

Simplicity and convenience of design allows developers to not think about the appearance of their applications

Saves time

You do not need to worry about the standard features of your applications, focus only on the main advantages

Great Support

Implementation of paid support of projects of companies or open questions on the GitHub and the help of the Laravel community

Take a quick look at some
great features !

  • Pages & Posts, quick and easy replacement for CRUD, monitored by the behavior when creating your website.

  • Forms, an excellent solution for extending the additional or additional functions in your application.

  • Menu, simple and easy both for internal use and for display to the user, supporting nested structure and modification.

  • Permission, the development of selective access control policy. Does not conflict or replace the built-in features of Gate.

  • Settings, a repository of "key-value" is the simplest data storage, use the key to access the value.

  • More: installs, behaviors, tags, attachments, comment, widget, field, alert, active, logs, backups and etc ...

Some frequently asked questions for you

What is Orchid?

Orchid is a package for Laravel which helps with the administration of the application on Laravel, allowing you to write code as you want, control of routing/themes/plugins/etc - none of this and will not be! The package only gives a good set of tools that will be in demand in almost every project.

Is it necessary to use the built-in recordings?

We assume that most of your records will be stored in json, which will allow you to do the translation and the universal structure, but if the rails have goals like a CRM system with harsh conditions, then of course you can use the classic CRUD yourself, orchids will not stop you.

Are there any additional system requirements from Laravel?

Yes, you need a PHP extension for image processing and support for json type your database.

How much does it cost?

Orchid is free, but we appreciate donations.

Contact us

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